Situated on the banks of pristine Enamakkal Lake, and drawing energy from the rich heritage and lores of Thrissur, Lexus Backwater Resort is your microcosm of a universe of serenity and tranquility, offering you an escape from the chaos and chores of daily life. Get on a houseboat and glide through the backwaters, enjoy a glimpse of a gatherer’s life with fishing, or just have fun with your friends at the resort, and live the best days of your life at Lexus!

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Our Facilities

All our facilities are streamlined to ensure the most satisfactory experience for the clients. Apart from our facilities on offer, we are always on our toes to take care of any additional requests from our benevolent customers. Lexus Backwater Resort offers you premium waterfront stay, with pool and play areas for recreation.

  • Swimming Pool

    Enjoy the tropical sun in the comfort of our well maintained pools. Stretch your muscles and take a swim for fun at Lexus.

  • Party Area

    Let loose of everything holding you back and enjoy yourself at the Party. Have a great time with your friends or family and enjoy the nights.

  • Spa

    Make use of our therapeutic baths to receive a range of cosmetic and health benefits

  • Serene Nature

    Refresh your mind & body with the Nature's calmness and greenery. Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.



Our customers always inspires us to excel at what we do. We are honest enough to admit and correct our shortcomings, and we take great pride in offering maximum satisfaction to our clients.